Saturday, April 15, 2006

Quick Saturday Update

I ended up hitting the Ghosty show at Sokol Underground on Thursday night. Unfortunately, they were not as good as they were a few months ago. I think it was the sound mix. They sounded flat. The band that played second, Crystal Skulls, are exactly like Ghosty stylistically, but sounded a whole lot better. Mainly it was the bass and drums. I left about 15 minutes into Crystal Skulls' set. I was beat.

I blew off The Elected show last night. I didn't get much out of their CD, and I figured it wouldn't be much better live. I decided to just stay in, watch some TV, and relax. Unfortunately, two of my shows -- Real Time with Bill Maher and Numb3rs -- were repeats. Maybe I should have looked into that before choosing which night to stay in.

I am moderately interested in seeing The Stills tonight. The CD is ok. The band is from Montreal, and Montreal has been churning out some great bands lately. It all depends on how I'm feeling later tonight. I need to exercise today because I have been blowing that off a lot lately. I need to get back on track with that.

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