Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One Down...Many More To Go

Even with all the special eithics committee rules designed by the Republicans to shield Tom DeLay from any investigations into his illegal behavior, Mr. DeLay is leaving Congress. The scandals are just too close to DeLay (his former Chief of Staff plead guilty to corruption charges two days ago) for him to continue. He would have been soundly defeated in the November election. No question. Now he can wait around for the other shoe to drop and he is sent to jail without the pressure of running a re-election campaign.
DeLay Announces Resignation from House
(AP) Succumbing to scandal, former Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Tuesday he is resigning from Congress, a move that closes out a career that blended unflinching conservatism with a bare-knuckled political style.

The Texas Republican, first elected in 1984, conceded that he faced a difficult race for re-election.

"I think I could have won this seat but it would have been nasty. It would have cost a fortune to do it," DeLay said in an interview with Fox News.

He said was "looking forward to being liberated outside the House, doing whatever I can to unify the conservative cause."

Republicans said they expected DeLay to resign later this spring.

"He has served our nation with integrity and honor," said Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, who succeeded DeLay in his leadership post earlier this year.

But Democrats said the developments marked more than the end to one man's career in Congress.

"Tom DeLay's decision to leave Congress is just the latest piece of evidence that the Republican Party is a party in disarray, a party out of ideas and out of energy," said Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (read more)

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Al said...

I can't wait until "the hammer" gets nailed.