Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Nurse Who Called Me

I had a really weird experience the other night while doing my radio show. I was getting a lot of calls requesting the new Tool song. Now, nothing against Tool, but I am not going to play that band on my show. They are in regular rotation at the station, so why would a "specialty" show play it? But, I wanted to throw all the callers a bone, so I decided to play the song "The Nurse Who Loved Me" by Failure. The point of this posting is not to explain why this song might be an adequate substitute for Tool, but I will briefly explain...

Failure was the support act for Tool's entire 1994-95 world tour. The bands got along so well that members of both bands collaborated together as The Replicants. That band made a great CD full of 1980s new wave cover songs. The song "The Nurse Who Loved Me" was originally released on Failure's album Fantastic Planet. It was later covered by Tool leader Maynard Keenan's other band A Perfect Circle. APC at one point featured former Failure guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen.


I played the song, and I got an angry call from a woman who asked me to stop playing "nurse bashing" songs. Nurse bashing? WTF?! I told her that the song was about a recovering drug addict that believes he is in love with his nurse. I said that, if anything, it was an addict bashing song. I mean, the guy in the song is delusional. But she said it put nurse's in a negative light, and that she would appreciate it if I would not play it again. We argued for a few more minutes, but ultimately ended the call "agreeing to disagree."

I, of course, will play the song again if I feel like it. It is 10 years old, so there is not a whole lot of cause for repeated playing. But, I am confused. How could this woman get so upset by this one song -- a song that, in my opinion, does not "bash" nurses at all. Here are the lyrics to the song. Tell me if you agree with me or the caller.

The Nurse Who Loved Me
Say hello to the rug's topography
It holds quite a lot of interest with your face down on it
Say hello to the shrinking in your head
You can't see it but you know its there so don't neglect it

I'm taking her home with me all dressed in white
She's got everything I need pharmacy keys
She's falling hard for me I can see it in her eyes
She acts just like a nurse with all the other guys

Say hello to all the apples on the ground
They were once in your eyes but you sneezed them out while sleeping
Say hello to everything you've left behind
It's even more a part of your life now that you can't touch it

I'm taking her home with me all dressed in white
She's got everything I need some pills in a little cup
She's falling hard for me I can see it in her eyes
She acts just like a nurse with all the other guys

She's got everything I need pharmacy keys
She acts just like a nurse with all the other guys

Say hello to the rug's topography


Wes said...

I find nowadays, people are just finding more and more to complain about. Everyene seems to be offended by everything these days, and people just need to lighten up and realize there are more important things to complain and worry about, and that doesn't include calling a radio station because a song offends you. If there is something that you find that offensive, than just turn it off. There is no need to restrict other people's enjoyment just because you have a problem with it. I'm sick and tired of people pushing their own morals and beliefs on to other people. We are all capable of choosing what we do and don't do, so stop trying to control what I can do.

Ok, I'm done now. :)

Howard Davis said...

I agree with what you're saying. It would be one thing if this woman had any basis with which to complain. But, c'mon. That song is not a "nurse bashing" song. I just had no idea what the hell she was complaining about.

I've had calls before on the song "Gay Bar" by Electric Six. I could understand why someone might be slightly offended by that. They shouldn't be, but at least I could understand why. In this case, I just don't see it.

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EasyP said...

ive come to the conclusion that some people are lonely and have nothing better to do than call up and complain. when i used to work in retail, it was the same shit. people would come in and try to bitch me out for the most insignificant crap. sometimes i just wanna smack those people in the head...

(sorry i meant to tag it)