Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Monday

** One more of Bush's "coalition of the willing" announces it will be withdrawaling its troops from Iraq. Bush's buddy in Italy -- right-wing PM Silvio Berlusconi -- is about to lose his bid for re-election. The presumptive winner, Romano Prodi, had as part of its platform the total withdrawal of Italian forces from Iraq.
** Right-wing whacko Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition is reportedly $2 million in debt. The conservative pressure group is facing lawsuits from creditors, and the disappearing of many of its local chapters. This is could be seen as a bellweather for how the Christian Right's influence is fading on Americans in general -- though they still have veto power over Republican party legislation, judicial nominees, and presidential candidates.
** Bush calls talk of an Iran invasion "wild speculation." Of course, he doesn't deny it. But denying it would be meaningless from someone that lies with such regularity. Remember, the Bush folks all said no decision on an Iraq invasion had been made, when it had been decided before they even took office. The Bush Administration cannot be trusted on matters of war and peace. They lie. Even the Israelis are advising against the invasion.
** Joe Lieberman is considering running for re-election as an independent. Bush's favorite Democrat is facing a primary challenge from an actual Democrat. This will be his back-up if he loses the primary. Give it up Joe! Joe-mentum is dead.

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