Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kimberly Kane To Appear on Henry Rollins Show 4/8!

Porn star Kimberly Kane (who has been written about on this blog before) posted the following on her blog:

"The Henry Rollins Show" is a brand new TV show that airs every Saturday on IFC (Independent Film Channel) @ 10pm EST/PST. Henry's show is the alternative to bullshit late-night television and his platform includes fantastic guests and great bands. Saturday, April 8th features guest Chuck D and a musical performance by Jurassic 5. The episode also features an uncensored debate on "Pornography" starring the always fascinating Porn star Kimberly Kane. Watch it every week only on IFC. Go to for channel locater and some additional exclusive video. There is also a myspace page at

Hmmmm...Kimberly Kane, Henry Rollins, Chuck D and Jurassic 5!? Sounds like a fucking cool show! I didn't even know Rollins had a show.

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