Monday, April 03, 2006

Jean Schmidt (R-OH): Add Liar to Her Resume

Go ahead and add Congresswoman Jean Schmidt to the long list of Republican party liars that have been exposed in recent days. If you remember, Ms. Schmidt -- an Ohio Republican -- went on the floor of the US House of Representatives and broke long established House rules by launching a personal attack against another member. She called Vietnam Veteran and military expert Jack Murtha (D-PA) a coward. When the house erupted in a loud chorus of boos, she was forced to apologize and retract the statement. She then denied ever making the statement when confronted by the media.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Schmidt is under fire for "allegedly" lying about a college degree she claimed to have received from the University of Cincinnati. In her campaign biography, Schmidt said that she received a BA in Political Science in 1974, and a second Bachelors Degree in "Social Studies - Secondary Education" in 1986. However, the University of Cincinnati's registrar says the second degree never happened. She lied.

Her staff says it is an honest mistake, and that Schmidt completed all the required courses but never got the degree. Sure, Jean. Whatever. Mean Jean Schmidt strikes again!


Michelle said...

I was really really surprised she called Murtha a coward....but I was even more surprised that she got booed.

And yet, everyone abandoned Feingold.

You really can't tell anymore.

Howard Davis said...

It was all Democrats that booed. All the Republicans seemed to love it. Hell, they do worse every single day, but they just don't do it on the floor.

I still crack up when I hear Schmidt say that she never did it. It was on tape you fucking idiot!

As for Feingold, I do think the Dems are cowards. But, I don't think it is the right time to do something like that. Without having a majority in either house of Congress, the resolution can't even be brought to the floor. Dems should make the arguments as part of their campaign. But to make a move like censure (though Bush is very deserving) without the ability to back it up is not smart politics.

Patience is what we need. If we get the House and/or the Senate, we could do some real damage to the Bush Administration after November.