Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's All Over for President Logan?

This season of '24' is shaping up to be the best one since the first season. It is now crystal clear that President Logan is directly involved with the terrorists. It is beyond question that he is working with Christopher Henderson; and it is likely that the president gave the nerve gas to Henderson for him to give to the terrorists.

The central question is why. My theory is that Logan feels like a weak president. He assumed office after the previous president (Keeler) was rendered incapacitated. Now he has an election coming up, and his VP (Gardner) could challenge him for the Republican Party nomination for President. So, to make himself look tough, Logan wanted to receive credit for stopping a terrorist attack on the United States. This would ensure him high poll numbers and an easy time in the next election. It sure would be easy to stop an attack if you had known who was behind it all along.

Perhaps he was talked into this by his former Chief of Staff, Walt Cummings. Perhaps it was Cummings that brought Henderson into the picture. We don't know enough information at this point. I'm not sure, though, that Logan knew that former President Palmer would be assassinated in all of this. Logan's behavior has been so strange this season that it is hard to know what he is thinking or who he is involved with.

Regardless of whether or not Logan knew, he is now implicated in the murder of a former President. But, with martial law declared in Los Angeles, and the military everywhere, it seems like it will be quite difficult for Jack to expose the truth about the president. This is especially true since the president issued an Executive Warrant for Jack's arrest.

The revelations from last night's show unfortunately answer no questions. Logan's behavior in the early part of the season does not explain how he could have been involved in this. Was Cummings' confession staged? Was he murdered or did he really commit suicide? How did the First Lady's assistant get the "evidence" against the president, while the First Lady herself seems oblivious?

I think the First Lady will play a bigger role in the next few weeks. She'll be faced with a choice between protecting her husband or protecting the country. I think she will choose the country. I'm not sure. I'd also like to see those smug SOB's from Homeland Security get booted out of the building and disgraced. I know they are just following orders, but c'mon...arresting Jack?!

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