Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Week, Another TV Wrap-Up

So it's Monday afternoon -- just a few hours before the new episode of '24.' I haven't had time to do my regular recap of all my television viewing until now. Aren't you excited?!

So let's just start with last week's 24. First off, I thought it was pretty obvious that Audrey Raines was not guilty of helping the terrorists. That was a no-brainer. Henderson was trying to mess with Jack's head. It worked...for a few minutes. Jack saw through it even though the higher-ups at Homeland Security seemed to want to push her harder and bring in the torture guy. This whole thing seemed a bit implausible to me. If Audrey's father is the Defense Secretary of the United States, would she be subjected to torture based on the "confession" of a terrorist collaborator? Not too likely. Still, for those Audrey haters out there (myself included), they could have dragged out her interrogation over a couple of episodes.

The only other real noteable part was the addition of a new character, Shari Rothenberg. Shari is played by actress Kate Mara. She's really cute, but I sense a lot of future problems with her due to her rather broad definition of the term sexual harrassment.
This season of The Sopranos is already among its best. Tony is now almost completely recovered from his shooting, and is back in charge of things. The big revelation from this week's episode is that Paulie Walnuts's mother is not really his mother. Paulie's aunt -- a nun -- is actually his mother. She made a deathbed confession about it, and this was confirmed by Paulie's "Ma." Ordinarily, this would not be a major plot point, but this news proved quite distracting to Paulie. At the end of the episode, he attacks someone he was not supposed to touch. Bad move. Will Paulie be the next one to get whacked?

Three weeks into the show and I'm still watching Conviction. I liked this one because Alexandra (Stephanie March) had a quick office fling with her deputy, Jim Steele. I didn't know Alexandra even had sex!
There's only an episode or two left of West Wing, and it is still keeping me interested. The election is still a nail biter. But at least Josh finally fucked Donna! About time for that to happen. It looks like a Santos win in the election, but Josh is still freaking out about the numbers. The show will finally be dealing with the real life death of actor John Spencer (who plays Leo McGarry) next week. He died last December, but Leo has lived on through the miracle of videotape for the last few months. He was found (presumably) dead in his hotel room at the very end of the show last night. So what happens to the VP slot if Santos wins the election? Any Constitutional experts have a theory?

I'm skipping over Bill Maher and Numb3rs because I have to run. We'll talk soon.


Wes said...

I just assumed that Santos could name someone else, who ever he wants. And Rob Lowe is returning to the show for the final episodes, so my theory has always been that his character will become the VP. That was my thinking before they even anounced that Rob Lowe was coming back to the show. But I guess we will just have to see what happens.

Howard Davis said...

I don't know about that. Since the VP is actually elected, not appointed, I'm not sure he can just be replaced. But, since he hadn't been sworn in before dying, maybe someone else can be appointed.

That is an interesting idea about the Rob Lowe thing. Not sure I agree, but it is plausible.