Monday, April 10, 2006

And the Winner Is...Matt Santos!

The mystery is over. In the presidential election on West Wing, the Democrat -- Matt Santos -- won the election in last night's show. Yeah Dems! But, lest you think this is part of some vast liberal conspiracy, according to Executive Producer Lawrence O'Donnell in today's New York Times, the writers had originally planned for a Vinick victory. Vinick is the Republican. But when actor John Spencer (Leo McGarry) died last December, they thought the idea of having Santos lose his running mate and the election on the same day was too tragic a way to end the show. So, Matt Santos becomes the first Latino president of the United States. Naturally, this fictional president is so much more appealing than the nightmare we have currently residing in the White House.


Wes said...

Its funny that they orginally planned to have Vinick win because of Leo's death. Because they still could have had Vinick win, and have Leo die after the election. There was nothing saying that Leo had to die on election day, they could have picked anytime for him to die. I actually thought it was kind of cheap of them to choose to have him die on election day, with the election happening in the background, his death seemed not as important, than if they had had him die after the election, but that's just my thoughts. :)

Howard Davis said...

Yeah, maybe it was that they didn't want to have Santos lose his VP candidate and the election in the same season. I think they wanted to not make Leo's death a factor in the election. If he died beforehand, it could make a lot of people vote the other way. I think the way they handled it was pretty good.

I had always assumed that they would have Santos win for the purposes of show continuity. This way, much of the cast (except for Bartlett, Toby, and a few others) could remain on the show. That is always good for ratings. But when it was revealed that the show would be cancelled, I figured they'd give it to Vinick.