Sunday, March 12, 2006

TV is my Life?

Got back from my road trip and had some TiVo to catch up on. I need to get all caught up before tonight's new season of The Sopranos begins. I am actually really excited about this season. I know it's coming to an end, so every little thing is significant. Last season was so great, and I have to say that I have no idea where this one will be going.

The West Wing begins its final countdown as well. Now that the word is out that the show will end with the election between Santos and Vinnick (Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda), I don't care as much about who that winner is. I had always assumed that the writers would have Santos, the Democrat, win the election. The reason for this would have less to do with politics and more with show continuity. If a Republican wins, the entire show has to be re-cast. If a Dem wins, many cast members can remain in the new administration. It is tough for a show to have continuity and keep viewers if every cast member is brand new.

With the show ending after the election, I think it's fair game as to who might actually win. The Democrat in me wants Santos to win, obviously. But, to be honest, Alda's Vinnick character is not so bad -- for a Republican. He doesn't like the religious right (yet somehow still got the nomination), and he is not as sleazy and dishonest as most Republican elected officials. I'd still give it to Santos -- you know Hollywood has such a "liberal bias".
Caught the premiere episode of the 100th Law & Order spinoff -- Conviction. Like all the L&O shows, the stories are very current and topical, and the acting is pretty good. So far, the only L&O show that failed was Trial By Jury. I thought it was a decent show, but apparently focusing exclusively on the district attorneys and the trial was not what people wanted to see. Strange then, that this new show would do the exact same thing.

Convicition focuses exclusively on the attorneys and the case. There are no cops, no investigations, no mystery. Stephanie March (formerly of Law & Order: SVU) is the boss on this show. But the boss in a Law & Order show has limited screen time. Too bad, I like Stephanie March. I don't think this show will last. There are already too many lawyer shows on the air. This one isn't significantly better than any of those.


Wes said...

I think Santos will win as well, but I have really been enjoying this season of The West Wing, I think it has been the best to date. The contrast between the White House and the compaigns have been fun to watch. With Leo's character dying, I think Rob Lowe's character will return to take the VP position for the Democrats, but that's just my theory.

As for Conviction, I watched it as well. But I'm waiting for them to tell me what's going on with Stephanie March's character and the fact that she is supposed to be in the Witness Protection Program. There seems to be a continuity between this show and the other Law & Order shows because they showed Branch on tv giving a press conference, so we are supposed to believe that she still works for the same people as before on SVU. So I will have to see how that plays out.

Howard Davis said...

Stephanie March's character came out of witness protection in an episode I think. I feel like I saw that -- I don't know.

As for West Wing, the Rob Lowe thing is an interesting idea. I mean, supposedly he left the WH to run for Congress. I guess he could slide in and take over the VP spot.

Based on last Sunday's show, it seems they are definitely setting up Vinnick for a win.