Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Read All About It! The Republican Party Is On Its Way Out!

** According to the latest Gallup poll, more Americans identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans. And, among independents, 49% of them say they lean Democrat, while 42% lean Republican. Good news!

** John McCain has officially sold his soul to the Religious Right. His "maverick" status is seriously over. McCain will now be delivering the commencement address at Liberty University (that's Jerry Falwell's University). How much longer before McCain starts questioning the sexuality of various cartoon characters?

** Does Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia possess the proper judicial temperament for such an important job? His behavior over the last few years calls this into question. Recently, he flipped off reporters just feet from a church -- then denied doing it even though he was photographed. Add this to his many questionable choices (i.e. his refusal to recuse himself on cases that he has personal involvement) and his combative attitude toward anyone with an opinion different than his. Maybe it's time for him to retire.

** Crazy cat terrorizes a Connecticut town. Not exactly political, but it is pretty funny.

** RNC Chariman Ken Mehlman issues memo to Republicans begging them not to abandon Bush. He says that when Bush is brought down, they are all brought down. So true. The GOP is a sinking ship.

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