Monday, March 27, 2006

More Right Wing Plagiarism -- Is There a Conservative with an Original Thought?

Have you ever wondered why every conservative on television, radio, or the internet says the exact same thing? They have such rigid message control, that they often seem like robots. I think I have a theory. None of them have any original ideas. They just steal from one another, and claim the idea as their own.

I just read an interesting accusation of two more cases of high-profile right-wing plagiarism. After the Washington Post's conservative blogger, Ben Domenech, was proven to be a serial plagiarist, he resigned. But that was not the end of it. Not by a longshot.

Conservative writer/blogger Debbie Schlussel has pointed out numerous times on her blog that the Swift Boat Vets book contained sections that were stolen from articles she had written earlier. Schlussel also cites more than one instance where right-wing pundit Monica Crowley (formerly of Fox News, now at MSNBC) has stolen passages in things that she claims are original works. Those can be found here and here.

It's bad enough that these folks have such repulsive ideas to begin with. But to steal those repulsive ideas from someone else and call them your own!? I guess the conservative "movement" really is over. Thank, god.


Brainster said...

Actually Schlussell said that Corsi (one of the co-authors of Unfit) ripped off a post she wrote and put it on World Net Daily, not in Unfit.

Howard Davis said...

Stealing is stealing. Let's not qualify it. Besides, the entire Swift Boat boat was made up. So anyone claiming original authorship of that book would be liar and could not really make a claim that they were plagiarised.

But thanks for the correction.