Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Dark Stuff News

** See, we told you so. Today's Washington Post details how the FBI was assigned to surveil and photograph Iraq War protesters. What was the reason for this surveillance? Were they violent? No. Here is the rationale for the monitoring: the protesters are a "left-wing organization advocating, among many political causes, pacifism." Wow. Sounds dangerous. And you Bush worshippers question whether or not innocent Americans are being illegally wiretapped?

** Frankly, I am sick and tired of the right-wing's refusal to acknowledge their hatred of homosexuals. They try and hide behind their "religious beliefs," but it is just plain, irrational, hatred and discrimination. Now the Bush Administration has ramped up its anti-gay crusade by making it virtually impossible for any gay person to get a national security clearance. Try to explain this one away with religion.

** Congresswoman "Mean" Jean Schmidt is at it again! This fresh, new face of the GOP was confronted with some statements she made back in the 1980s where she said of Elizabeth Dole -- "I hate that woman" -- and she said of GOP activists “They look like young Hitlers to me." It seems that those comments are causing her some trouble with today's GOP. So, Schmidt's office is pulling a page from senior White House advisor Claude "Sticky Fingers" Allen by claiming it was her twin sister that made the statements -- not Schmidt. Uh huh.

** According to an article in The New Haven Register, Sen. Joe Lieberman -- George Bush's favorite Democrat -- endorses the policy of allowing Connecticut hospitals to refuse to give emergency contraceptives to rape victims. He said that he believes that hospitals should be allowed to refuse contraceptives for "principled reasons," and that "In Connecticut, it shouldn't take more than a short ride to get to another hospital." Screw Joe Lieberman -- he is a right-wing Republican, and should leave the party. And let's hope none of Joe's female relatives are unfortunate enough to be raped in his state and have to scramble to find a hospital that isn't held hostage to religious extremists.

** Say goodbye to Katherine Harris. You remember her, right. The crazy Bush worshipper who used her position as Secretary of State in Florida to ensure a Bush victory in the 2000 election. She is now tied up in an illegal campaign finance scandal and is likely to drop out of her bid to run for the US Senate. Awwww.....too bad for poor Cruella de Ville. She will be appearing on Fox News (where else?) to make her big announcement


king said...

I think its a load of shit how the ACLU is complaining about, the FBI probe in to terrorism. They are accusing them of taking pictures of people at an anti-war rally, which they have documentatioin of an operatioin to do so. Why then is the ACLU pissed about this, suddenly to them its a formal accusation against some body to take a picture of them. Personally I'd like to have a picture of them on file that way if one of the deranged bastards decides to fly a plane into anything we've got somthing to compare their pictures to when we fry their asses in court.

Howard Davis said...

Hey King -- Sounds like you and Stalin would have gotten along really well. Too bad for you that you only have Dick Cheney and George Bush to model your totalitarianism after. You've learned a lot from your fascist masters. Good job, buddy!

King said...

Yeah buddy! I visit Stalin every once and a while when I'm in the country, but don't let my blonde hair and blue eyes fool you, I'm all about equality. I mean only one of the people photographed was of middle-eastern heritage. So I guess you could say that my totalitarianist friends George and Dick are at the least equal, after all you didn't have any doon coons blowin up stuff in the USSR now, did you? Well On the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, I'll be thinking about you, and how you probably at home reveling in some mindless left-wing hogwallup. And about how easily it could have been your hometown or your friend or loved one killed in NY. Think about that before you make another of your smartass comments!

Howard Davis said...

My cousin DID die on 9/11, asshole! Am I entitled to have a different opinion than you and George Bush now?! The Constitution did not change on September 11, 2001. It still trumps the paranoia that you subscribe to. Americans still have rights, and the 1st and 4th Amendments still apply.

Look, it is precisely your attitude that has gotten this country into the mess it is in now. And don't claim that you and W represent the mainstream of America. You don't. 2/3 of Americans disapprove of the job Bush is doing as president. That includes his mess in Iraq.

Now, King, why aren't you over in Iraq kicking some terrorist ass? I don't see how you can live with yourself being such a tough guy on "doon coons" (whatever that means), and you sit at a computer and type to some liberal you don't even know, instead of being in the desert blowing people up. I'm disappointed in you, King.

Al - Fuck you King said...

Hey "King",

Your name implies that you are a small man with a tiny dick. You are such an ass hole and I think you like to eat them too. Narrow minded fuck nobs like yourself are linked to extremist activites such as blowing stuff up. Perhaps you should go to Iraq or how about back to Russia. (I mean come on, USSR? what are you, frozen from the 1980's?)