Friday, March 17, 2006

Jessica Simpson Takes Congress By Storm

I don't doubt the sincerity of Jessica Simpson regarding her favorite charity Operation Smile. It sounds like a good cause. But I have to say that I just don't care. I like seeing Jessica Simpson in any context that does not call for her to sing. In fact, I don't even need the sound on if she's on the screen. Just seeing her bouncing all over the place in a skimpy outfit is enough for me.

I bet that a lot of members of Congress and staff thought the exact same thing. Apparently Washington was all a-buzz over Miss Simpson's brief appearance before Congress.

Look at the guy on the right. You think he's checking out Jessica's position paper?
Jessica Simpson sets Capitol Hill A-stir
(MSNBC) In the nation's capital, there's a running joke about people who are "famous for Washington," implying that they aren't famous anywhere else. They're seen all around town at restaurants and events, and it's more of a bit of gossip than anything else for the capital scene.

On the flip side, there are occasions when a bona fide celebrity comes to town, and, quite frankly, the place goes nuts.

This morning on Capitol Hill, the place went nuts.

Jessica Simpson -- singer, actress, and America's sweetheart in the minds of many fans -- came to town in her new role as a spokesperson for Operation Smile, the nearly 25-year-old nonprofit volunteer medical organization that performs free dental surgery around the world.

Lobbying Congress for more money to support the group's effort, Simpson said that "our purpose in life is to smile," as hundreds of staffers, journalists, and even a few lawmakers looked on, seemingly befuddled by Simpson's star power.

In fact, Simpson's arrival created such a media scrum in the Longworth House Office Building, that it was unlike anything anybody on Capitol Hill has seen since perhaps actress Angelina Jolie appeared in a similar lobbying effort.

Simpson, known for her stylish and sometimes revealing outfits, wore a two-piece black pant-suit. She also wore a white rose pin on her lapel and pearl earrings. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back in a bun, with one hanging tendril. (read the rest)


jim marquis said...

Geez, talk about Mr. Obvious...

Howard Davis said...

I can totally relate though.