Friday, March 17, 2006

Is It 2008 Yet?

** New Republican leader -- same as the old Republican leader. New GOP House Majority Leader John "Big Tobacco" Boehner (R-OH) is still living large on corporate bribes. He routinely takes private planes and accepts meals and money from lobbyists that have current business before the Congress. I guess when you have a party so devoid of principle, such as the GOP, it really doesn't matter if the rest of the country thinks what you're doing is unethical and should be illegal. Republicans don't care what the people think, they only follow the wishes of their corporate masters.

** What is the most common term Americans use to describe the leadership of George W. Bush? Incompetent. About freakin' time America! Why didn't you see this in January 2001? Better late than never, I guess. The Bush downward spiral continues.

** Omaha residents will see an increase in their energy bills. OPPD has unanimously approved a rate hike that will begin April 1. Residential rates are expected to go up 3%. OPPD is expected to generate an additional $16 million from the increase.

** According to a new Japanese study, eating hot peppers can reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer. Capaicin, which makes peppers hot, causes the cancer cells to commit suicide. No lie.

** Religious Right delivers its orders to the Republican party: advance our agenda or else! Evangelical leaders are beginning to call on the GOP to start promoting its agenda (anti-gay, anti-choice, mandatory school prayer) before the 2006 midterm elections. They say that the GOP has not done enough to support "core values" voters.

** Katherine Harris went against the counsel of her advisers, and decided to stay in the race for Senate in Florida. Her top strategist gave an interview to the Orlando Sun and told them what he told her: she should quit because she can't win. Good thing she isn't listening. Chalk one up for the Dems!

Yikes! It's Katherine Harris. Republican Senatorial Candidate from Florida.

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