Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Wish I Had Some Good News For You But...

** So what exactly did Halliburton do right? It seems that now they failed to decontaminate the water given to soldiers in Iraq for drinking and washing. The company's internal report warned of "mass sickness or death" as a result of the company's inaction. Of course, Halliburton is not offering to give any of the taxpayer money back that they collected to provide this service. Scumbags.

** Remember last year's right-wing hate-fest known as "Justice Sunday"? It was a Christian extremist convention where, among other things, they discussed what could be done about judges that don't tow the right-wing, Evangelical line. They were offered comfort and aid in their illegal intimidation of judges by Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) and Sen John Cornyn (R-TX). Many on the outer fringes of this fringe movement advocated violence against or killing of judges. It looks like many of those made real threats against Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. The Supreme Court is now taking extra security measures due to the threat from the "irrational fringe" of society that have been spurred on by Republican criticism of the high court.

** It looks like Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) is going to stay in the race for Senate in Florida. She is even going to spend her own personal fortune on the race. Funny, how when John Kerry used his family money to finance his campaign he is the subject of criticism from the right, but when a Republican does it, they are showing some form of "integrity." Harris is damaged goods, and this should ensure a victory for Democrat Bill Nelson. That is positive, but a broke and defeated Katherine Harris is also quite a bonus.

** KISS has announced that they will perform a handful of dates in Japan this summer. They will headline some festivals in Japan, and do a few select dates in addition. No word on shows in any other country.

** More Bush Administration hypocrisy. The Bushies are planning to eliminate all funding for the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) which is a branch of Americorps that deals with environmental and disaster relief (i.e. Katrina aftermath). Bush took his picture with members of the NCCC and praised their efforts, while at the same time zeroing out their budget. I honestly don't see how anyone can defend this walking disaster we have occupying the White House. He truly is the worst president ever.

** I think this is fairly obvious, but a new study from Greece confirms that long-term marijuana use does have a negative effect on memory. There are couple of flaws in the study, but...what were we talking about?

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