Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday's News Report...

** I think the dishonesty and inability to admit a mistake inside the Bush Administration is pathological. Now, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says that the US will be less safe at its ports because of the fact that the deal with Dubai Ports World was cancelled. He just can't stop lying, can he? Just admit your mistake and move on. Oh wait, you work for Bush so mistakes are rewarded. I'd expect a big promotion for Chertoff!

** More holes blown in the Bush Administration's claims of an alliance between Al Queda and Saddam Hussein. It didn't happen. Saddam was a secular leader and did not want to run the risk of religious fanatics taking over his country. That was fairly obvious back before the war began. Also in the report is a claim that the Russians gave Saddam America's pre-war plans. I'm not sure why they had it in the first place -- oh wait, yes I do. Remember, Bush looked into Putin's soul and saw a "good man" in there? More good judgment from George W. Bush. Why would anyone even trust that man with their dry cleaning?

** Is the Washington Post's new conservative blogger Ben Domenech a plagiarist? DailyKos has numerous examples of Domenech outright stealing entire paragraphs from other people's writing. How interesting. UPDATE: Domenech has resigned.

** Is it even possible for Fox News to be honest in its reporting? In an article on its website about lobbying, Fox incorrectly asserts that Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt (both former Democratic elected officials) are "registered lobbyists." This is absolutely not true. This has to be intentional, as finding out the correct information is as easy as one phone call. Nice try, guys.

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