Thursday, March 16, 2006

Do Bloggers Get More Action? Mmmm...I Don't Know

Saw this on Blognonymous:
Blog Savvy Surfers In It for the Sex
( Nestled among the media's meditations on the popularity of blogs is a theory that lends new meaning to "cyber sex." According to Simon Dumenco, a prominent U.S. media analyst, people read blogs at least in part because they "want to get laid."

In this week's Media Guy column for Advertising Age magazine, Dumenco contends that knowledge of the hippest, hottest blogs can increase hook-up opportunities and boost sexual attractiveness. He maintains some people are using niche blogs such as and to gain pop cultural insights that make them more socially desirable and ultimately more likely to get lucky.

"It's like how people used to offer or borrow cigarettes, when people smoked more it breaks the ice, gives you a conversational 'in,''' Dumenco said in an interview.

"Blog culture just sort of accelerates and intensifies what's always been the case: Consuming certain sorts of media, certain cultural products, can give you talking points that make you more interesting to other like-minded people who are members of various social interest groups.''

Dumenco doesn't identify a direct cause-effect relationship between reading a blog and landing a lover. But he does suggest an intrinsic link between people's yearning to be part of a collective and the prospects of a sexual encounter within that collective.(read more)


Michelle said...

"You're starting to hear conversation openers that have clearly been lifted from that day's blog..."

This really really bugs me. I think, with the decentralization of the Internet, I just expect people to have different opinions/interests, but with everyone visiting the same damn sites...

It's like having only fifty channels again.

Not that I'd complain if I was behind Gawker or any of the other sites namechecked.

Howard Davis said...

I don't know. I work in an office where most people would ask, "What is a blog." I wish people talked about something they saw online. I only hear about 'Desperate Housewives' or sports.