Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dark Stuff Weekend Preview

For some reason, this week really kicked my ass. I was just totally spent last night, so I decided to stay in and watch TV on a Friday night. I forgot to set my TiVo to record Fiona Apple on Leno, but while flipping through my 500 channels, I came across a movie called But I'm a Cheerleader. It was a pretty funny movie about a teenage girl whose parents suspect her of being a lesbian. They send her off to some sort of "re-programming" camp to get the lesbian out of her. At first the girl (played by Natasha Lyonne) denies she is gay at all; but she quickly finds out that step one in her re-programming requires that she admit she is a homosexual. The movie is a comedy -- and it's funny -- but it is more a commentary on the ridiculousness of trying to "re-program" gay teenagers. Cross-dressing singer RuPaul stars as one of the male counselors. If you haven't seen what RuPaul "really" looks like, this will be a surprise for you.

Tonight I am hitting an art auction at The Bemis. I don't plan on buying anything, but you never know. I think the theme for all the pieces in the auction is hearts. Remember, it's nearly Valentines Day. I have a few options for after the auction. There is some guy doing Tom Waits covers at The 49'r, and my friends want to go there. I do not. Sounds really lame. I will probably end up meeting my brother and some friends to do something for my birthday (which is Monday). Unfortunately, there are no good bands to see tonight. But, I'm seeing Jeff Tweedy next Saturday, so that will make up for the brief show drought.


Jim Marquis said...

Happy Birthday, Howard!

Howard Davis said...

Thanks. I'm officially old now. I am 35. Damn.