Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dark Stuff Political News: Republican Lying, Cheating, and Lobbying

** Another unqualified Bush crony is forced to resign from a highly sensitive post. This time, George Deutsch -- who was appointed to NASA to "review" all scientific findings by the agency -- has to leave because he lied on his resume. He never graduated college. Nice vetting, guys.

** Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), who was just chosen by the GOP to be its Majority Leader largely due to a belief that he was a "reformer" when it came to lobbying, is renting his DC apartment from a Lobbyist! With pending legislation in front of the House! These Republicans are shameless!!

** Despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Bush's plan to privatize Social Security (and let him know it last year), the White House has included the Social Security phase out into this year's budget. There is no legislation at all that allows this or authorizes it, but it is there.

** The corruption scandals that are dogging the House Republicans are now hitting the White House. Former White House aide David Safavian and Interior Department official J. Steven Griles are the first to be charged. Who will be next?

** Right wing newspaper Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (owned by right-wing financier Richard Mellon Scaife) endorses Jack Murtha and Democrats' plan for staged withdrawal from Iraq. Is the bottom falling out of George Bush's excursion in Iraq?

** Montgomery County, Ohio will be having a re-vote on a referendum from last year. Why the re-vote? The Diebold electronic voting machine (the company is owned by a Republican) counted more votes than there were registered voters. And the argument against a paper trail is what again?

** Former President Jimmy Carter has offered to testify in front of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees about the Bush Administration's domestic, warrantless spying. Carter signed FISA into law in 1978, and says Bush's activity is definitely illegal.

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