Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today's Dark Stuff News

**Did Alberto Gonzalez lie to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearings? Senator Feingold asked him about warrantless wiretapping in January 2005, and Gonzalez stated it was impossible to answer such a hypothetical question but that it was "not the policy or the agenda of this president" to authorize actions that conflict with existing law. Seems this conflicts with the actual facts.

**Alito is sworn in as an Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. While right wingers squeal with joy, our Bill of Rights slowly begins to evaporate.

**The Republicans have snuck a provision into the Patriot Act's renewal language that will allow authorities to arrest demonstrators who protest at a "special event of national significance." In other words, anyone who protests President Bush will now have a felony on their record. See what I mean about the Bill of Rights evaporating?

**Want to know when the trial begins of your favorite indicted Republican? Talking Points Memo has created a handy docket chart so you can keep track.

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