Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Much Better Than a Tie...

My parents told me today they are buying me an elliptical machine for my birthday next month. Pretty nice gift, I'd say. This birthday is a big one, I guess - 35. Man, I can barely believe it's true even though I know damn well that it is.

The elliptical is good because I am super sick of my gym. I go to a 24 Hour Fitness and it is wall-to-wall people every time I go in there. I like to go at the same time everybody else does, apparently -- after work. Last Friday I had to drive around in the parking lot for nearly 10 minutes before a space opened up. Once I got inside, there was not a single tread mill or elliptical available in the whole fucking gym! Unreal. That's pretty much all I use.

I quit the gym today. Because of some weird pre-paid thing my membership doesn't expire until March 25. Fucking bogus.

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