Monday, April 25, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up: Shows Shows Shows

Man what a show last Friday night! I hit the Atmosphere / Grayskul / P.O.S. show at Sokol Underground, and am so glad that I did. I missed P.O.S. because I wasn't able to get downtown until about 10. The show was sold out, so the place was a madhouse. The crowd at Sokol was not the usual crowd for that venue. For one thing, there were more hot women in the crowd than I've ever seen at an Underground show. The girls were scantily dressed, drinking heavily, and in the mood to party! That is either a recipe for a great time or a lot of trouble! On this night, it was trouble. More on that later...

I've been playing the Grayskul record on my radio show for a few weeks, so I was curious how they would be live. In my opinion, hip hop shows are pretty spotty. So far, rap music is still largely a studio medium. There are some definite exceptions, but most rap artists are not stellar live performers. Grayskul was pretty good. They got the crowd moving and kept them pretty engaged throughout their entire set.

Toward the end of Grayskul's set I had my first encounter with "drunk bitch." I call her that because she was the most belligerent and out of control of all the drunk girls at the concert. As is usually the case with shows at Sokol, I was helping out the promoters because they were pretty overwhelmed. I was helping at the door to make sure all the people going in and out had tickets and/or a handstamp. I spotted one girl walking out the door with drinks in her hands. She slid out the front door, and I tried to chase her down since it is illegal for her to take drinks outside. The club could lose its liquor license. She got away; but since she was pretty memorable (brunette hottie in a red top) I figured I'd catch her when she came back in. Which I did. When I stopped her on her way back in to tell her not to take the drinks outside, she said "Who the fuck are you?! Shut up!" and she ran into the crowd. I decided to let it go and let her have a good time. Her friends were cute, too so I was more lenient than I normally would be.

Then Atmosphere took the stage. While Atmosphere usually consists of just Slug (MC) and Ant (DJ), for this tour there was a full band: guitar, bass, drums, etc. They were fucking awesome! The songs sounded stellar in this new format. The band even played their "hit" -- "Trying to Find a Balance" -- which they said they had not been doing all tour. Midway through the show, Slug dedicated a song to the two girls he just had thrown out of the show. I then noticed someone from Atmosphere's crew escorting two girls out the door. Apparently, these girls were throwing punches at a number of other girls at the front of the stage. Guess who one of the girls getting the boot was? That's right, it was the aforementioned "drunk bitch." So now the headline artist had kicked her out. She didn't stay out for long though.

"Drunk bitch" made her way back inside about 15 minutes after getting kicked out by the band. When I tried to stop her she gave me the finger and ran to the ladies room. For obvious reasons, I could not follow her. When she came out I confronted her again. This time she freaked out and yelled "Fuck you old man! What are you gonna do about it?" Now I was pissed because she called me an old man (such a ridiculous accusation), but then she crossed the line... She hit me in the face. That's right...THE BITCH HIT ME IN THE FACE! I think she realized she fucked up after that because she instantly became quiet. But I started getting louder! Her friends kept asking me to calm down and just "be cool." I said that I was being incredibly cool by not calling the police. That's as cool as I can be after getting hit by some drunk skank. Her friends finally took her outside, and then her boyfriend came back in and apologized. If you were wondering whether or not drunk bitch tried to get inside again...she did. She barely got in the door before we spotted her. She backed off and went back outside. Overall it was a good night (despite getting the smackdown). I bought a Rhymesayers hoodie sweatshirt which I love, and the show was great. I needed to get home and rest since the next night would be equally "active."

The next night, Saturday, was Passover. I hit the parents' house for the seder (look it up). It was essentially a family event, but my brother invited a few friends. Greta Cohn, cellist for Cursive, was one of the guests. I had never met her before, and she was nice. She didn't know any other Jewish people in town, so my brother invited her. The other guest wasn't Jewish, but was really curious about the whole event. My Mom was pretty excited to have someone in attendance that she could tell all the details of the Jews' exodus from Egypt into the land of Israel. Or whatever. The food was great, the religious aspects were painless, and it was probably about as good as a Passover seder could get.

After all the festivities, I headed down to O'Leavers to catch the Aqueduct and Golden Republic show. Once again I had to endure some obnoxious drunk girls all night. In this case, though, the girls were older (making them drunk women I guess) and less attractive. Their non-stop yammering and their insistence on telling me every funny thing they just said to someone else, was beyond irritating. I would have just told them to fuck off, but one of the women was friends with the bar owner so I figured it was not a good idea. I just grinned and beared it.

Aqueduct was so worth it. Their CD, I Sold Gold, is a decent pop CD. Their live show is much more fun than the CD. The band mixed some great covers ("Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangster" - Geto Boys; "Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey) into their original set. I got a chance to speak with David Terry who is the keyboardist/vocalist for Aqueduct. He was a really nice guy. He told me all about the band's appearances on the Conan O'Brien and Carson Daly shows. He also told me the band would be touring this summer with Pinback, and they might be doing the Omaha show. I actually got so wrapped up in the conversation that I missed the entire set from Golden Republic. I heard they were decent. They are from Kansas City, so they'll probably be back again soon.

I got a couple of text messages from my stripper friend, Harmony, during the show. Yes, she still contacts me all the time. This time, she needed to "vent" about problems at work. So I called her while driving home from the show. I know this will sound mean, but if she's not naked or doing something sexual, I just don't want to hear from her. So, she vented and then told me she would be in Omaha next week. I think I'm just going to blow her off. I'm kind of tired of her, and I don't understand what she keeps calling me for. But, we'll see how I'm feeling the day she calls. I won't rule anything out at this point. This week is the ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead show at Sokol Auditorium on Tuesday. Maybe she'll come in that night so at least while the band is playing we won't have to "talk." Ugghhh....

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